The Most Intelligent Presidents in U.S. History ranked by I.Q.


Regardless of what you think of their politics, their policies or their personality, one thing is for certain – you don’t get to become the President of the United States if you’re a dummy. Sure, some of them may show questionable judgment and may do things that make you wonder sometimes (the sheer number of presidents who have fallen down the stairs at some point during their run is staggering), but generally speaking you need to be pretty smart in most respects if you’re going to ascend to the position of being the most powerful person in the free world. Some presidents, for example, have IQs so high that you will be literally shocked when you read about them. Keep in mind that the average IQ for someone who is considered to be of normal intelligence is between 95 and 105 – that means that there are definitely more than one person on this list that have the vast majority of us beat when it comes to what is going on inside their head at any given time.

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